kookie in dubai - tales in the desert city

Thursday, February 22

Home Is Where The Heart Is

It's official - I am now a resident of the UAE.

What does that mean?
  • I can now apply for an alcohol licence which means that I can go to a large supermarket full of booze, buy it and drink it at home
  • I can get a full driving licence and be subjected to waiting in queues for hours in a government building to get it
  • I am now, statistically, another single women living in Dubai amongst a growing sub-culture that come here for great job opportunities
  • I don't have AIDS; the blood test that is done when you apply for residency is to check that you aren't HIV positive. Remember, we are talking about a country where homosexuality is illegal
  • I can purchase property with the millions of dirhams that I've saved here
Now, officially I exist in a country where I haven't existed for 10 months.

Praise to Allah.

Tuesday, February 20

Cry Baby Cry

To obtain a residency visa for the UAE you must be employed and also undergo a physical which consists of a blood test and an X-ray.

When I went to the hospital today I had to fill in a form that asked:

Please state that you are not pregnant for the following reason:

a) I am single/widow
b) I am on contraceptive
c) I am married and stay away from my husband
d) Other...please explain

Hmmm....my colleague and I started laughing at statement c and also the fact that in the UAE if you're single there's obviously no chance of getting preganant...

Monday, February 5

You Sound Like You're Sick

So many people come to this city looking for a perfect job and like anywhere else it can be so hard to find. Read the email below and find out how one guy will never work in this town. And yes, it's real.